Nawal Agro and Plantation Private Limited (NAPPL)

Nawal Agro is engaged in plantation aof New Tree and Promotting farmers to plan commercial plants and generate alternative incomes.We help farmers in doing modern farming through timber as well as horticulture plantation, we are providing Sagwan and Mahogany as timber plant and Aam, Amrood, Litchi, Nimbu as horticulture plant. Our main slogan is More Plant, More Money, Save Environment.

!)We also provide training to get maximum interest in farming and get to start your own business in your state ..

!) We give regular visit to your farm after plantation to know the technical problems which can be short out by us only ....

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Plantation of Tree

We provide all types of plants as per the requirement of our precious clients. To execute these services, we provide various facilities for plantation and also recommend the best place and location for plantation. We provide this plantation services to our clients as per their demand...

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Manures are plant and animal wastes that are used as sources of plant nutrients. They release nutrients after their decomposition. The art of collecting and using wastes from animal, human and vegetable sources for improving crop productivity is as old as agriculture.

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We will offer you almost every type of saplings. We also provide lawn care services, maintenance, and landscape services. Moreover, you can get the best varieties of Medicinal, Ornamental, Fruit, Exotic, and office plants too. .

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Soil Testing & Training

“Soil Testing and Training” farmers are trained on soild & plants. In addition to this a farmers is entrusted to undertake work and extra income activities to build up confidence!

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Government/Corporate Plantation

“ We under take Planatation events organised by Government/corporates or any private organisation. We regularly check up to see how the trees are doing, and we have a 95 percent survival rate. .

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Medicines for Plants

We provide all types of medicine for surviavl of Plants.We train user and guide ,how to use

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